Ever thought about outsourcing for your C-Suite executive support needs? Sage Ventures has found a solution.

In this article, we provide some insight into what is possible and answer some of the questions you might have about outsourcing your executive support.

With so many pulls on our time these days what benefits can executives and entrepreneurs get from outsourcing their workload?

As the world’s economy begins to shift, we find that today’s executive’s and entrepreneurs are quite agile and therefore fairly self-sufficient. However, saying this, there are definitely times when a particular project or event requires a quick solution for an extra professional pair of hands on deck to carry some of that load. This is where outsourcing provides key benefits. Our clients are removing under utilised costs by investing only in the time you require support.  

Organisations want to maximise operational efficiencies, streamline their businesses, eliminate waste, and reduce overheads. Eradicating non-core processes and activities has been a key part of this efficiency drive, fueling the growth of the services industry.

Outsourcing is a really efficient resource of eliminating the workload for organisations which can be sourced on a needs basis.  Whether that be short-term, long-term or for projects.  

Once you have engaged with an outsourced specialist, a majority of the time you will have developed a good working relationship and trust. You then have the comfort of knowing you have a reliable resource to assist you when required. 


How important is it when working with other companies to feel like you are collaborating and working as an extension of our client’s teams?

So incredibly important. This is key to the business relationship. When you are engaged with a client, it is incredibly important to be representing their brand and values. You need to understand the client and their needs and then execute them. You also need to understand their sensitives and that of their clients. Organisations need confidence that they are placing their trust in a safe pair of hands for each initiative. To their external stakeholders, they would never know you have been engaged as an outsourced resource.

We hear the term often –" it’s important to work on your business rather than in it" – what are your thoughts around this statement?

As a business service provider, I can relate to this. It’s important to not get bogged down in tasks that are not your passion or key skill set. For example, accounting is not my forte, so I engage a book keeper. The less time I spend on my books, means I have more time to generate revenue and grow my business. 

This can be said for most organisations when it comes to administration tasks. Why waste time when you can simply ‘flick’ the task and focus on building and growing your business. 

What advice would you have to people who feel like they have to “do it all”?

We've all had days where we spent every second running around from task to task, trying to make sure everything was done perfectly, only to find ourselves failing. Mind you, this can be in our working lives as well as our personal lives. 

People are working longer hours, juggling family and commitments. We live in such a fast paced active world with internet, social media and so many influencers. We are bombarded with so much information from the moment we wake until we sleep. It can understandably put pressure on us all to feel we are not up to the ‘perceived’ excellence of others.  I say – “run your own race”. Be your true authentic self and let it all go. You’ll find your own groove and then you will achieve true greatness. Your TRUE real greatness!

I have a wonderful friend and mentor who recently spoke to me about not being afraid to reach out and ask for help. We often make assumptions that get in the way of reaching out for help. We assume we will be a burden and take up time. We need to challenge these assumptions a little more and simply give it a go. You will find people are really willing to help. It is extremely humbling to be asked for help.

One thing we would all love is more time – how does Sage Ventures offer more time to its clients?

Sage Ventures was founded to meet the demand of corporate organisations who were looking for a professional C-Suite outsourced executive solution. They required much more than a virtual assistant and someone with a high level of business acumen and executive experience - but on an a contracted outsourced “as needs basis”. Sage work as an extension of teams, slotting in seamlessly to assist during busy periods.

With corporate organisations having become far more efficient, the reliance on the traditional full-time executive assistant is being transformed. With Sage Ventures, we step in and out of your business when required without the traditional 9 to 5, thus providing the ability to remove under-utilised costs.

The Company has a portfolio of clients ranging from Public Listed Companies, High Net Worth Individuals, Private Family Offices, Directors, Start-ups, Business Advisory and SME’s delivering a full suite of professional executive support.

Our vision is to read the market and create a company that truly matches the needs of many businesses, talks to their entrepreneurialism, insight and creativity. Our drive, passion and old fashion ethics are what makes Sage a really special and unique service. We become a seamless and highly valuable member of the organisations we work with.

We bring decades of experience in supporting busy executives in all aspects of corporate services. We have an in-depth understanding of the corporate landscape of companies including board structure, corporate governance and communications. Sage has also built a strong network of business relationships and is able to draw on these networks to support their clients.


Sage Ventures provide unique and highly effective executive business support services to organisations and HNWI's who need to outsource their executive administration.

Sage are a specialised solution for short term resource gap filling. We partner a one-on-one relationship with clients enabling them to focus on achieving their core business strategies and initiatives. Your business saves the costs of a full time resource. Sage Ventures provides a permanent face of and support for businesses that is accessed only as needed.