Re-defining C-Suite Support for executives

Working from home has meant an additional load on some executives and organisations. At times this means an overwhelmed feeling of not being able to achieve all the items on that 'to do list'!.


What if you could find a competent experienced C-Suite executive support specialist to step in and take away some of the pain of your administration? They can step in and out when you require. Sage Ventures provides the perfect solution. Experienced working with corporate organisations, ASX listed companies, boards, investor relations as well as meeting the needs of small to medium businesses.


We become an extension of your team supporting your business and teams.


Rather than the traditional executive assistant resource provided through temping agencies, Sage Ventures offers something very different.  Our boutique agency, headed up by Danielle Tiller, values personal connection and strong relationships.  We have many years of experience working in corporate organisations.


Our Sydney based agency assists clients from high-net-individuals with all their personal support requirements, through to assisting public listed companies with investor relations and corporate governance.  We also are a highly trusted right hand to many small business and advisory agencies.  


The secret to our long term relationships with our clients is that we are available when they require.  They are not paying for a resource that is not producing work.  Our ability to slot in seamlessly when required and step out when the project is complete, is a Godsend to many businesses.  


If this sounds like a great concept for you and your business, please don't hesitate to make the connection and discuss if this may be the solution for you.


T: 0407 887 022