C-Suite on-demand support services now a time saver for those WFH.

As the world economy undergoes a shake up during Covid-19, businesses are now being forced to adapt to new way's of working. They are looking to maximise operational efficiencies, streamline their businesses, reduce costs and cash burn. Removing non-core processes and activities has been a key part of this efficiency drive, fueling the growth of the services industry.

Whether it is accountancy, payroll, CRM, logistics, procurement, contact centres or HR, businesses will increasingly turn to external business process outsourcing providers to support their non-core activities. 

In Sage Ventures’ experience as a provider of unique executive C-Suite support services, we know firsthand how businesses value engaging with outsourced providers for short term projects and business support without the need to pay for underutilised staff costs. They have an available resource who can step in seamlessly and keep the flow of their projects running whilst not having to go to the expense and arduous process of engaging temporary agencies or employing full time staff. Companies are now able to eliminate the time and costs of wages, superannuation, PAYG, Insurances and setting up required records.

Once you have engaged with a C-Suite outsourced specialist, a majority of the time you will have developed a good working relationship and trust. You then have the comfort of knowing you have a reliable resource to assist you on a project by project basis. 

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A perfect example is a project that a client engaged us with. They were leading up to a major capital raising venture, when one of their key administrative leads became ill and was unable to work for 6 weeks.  As an outsourced executive specialist with knowledge in Public Listed Companies, we were able to slot in seamlessly and manage the investor relations administrative process. This involved logistics of one on one meetings, NDA contract management, communications with investors, brokers and analysts. In parallel with this, we were able to step in and manage other key strategic administrative tasks for additional projects for an upcoming restructure. Managing competing demands and time zones, we successfully assisted the company achieve their required outcomes. 

In this new age of technology, engaged collaboration and opportunities, outsourcing offers businesses an extremely cost and time effective solution to fill short term resource gaps.

Sage Ventures are expert c-suite executive support specialists. We understand the complexities of public listed companies, enabling us to slot in seamlessly to assist your project needs whether it is an IPO, Road Show, Investor Conference or general gap filling - we are not a VA service, we work 1:1 with our clients as an extension of their team. Contact Sage Ventures www.sageventures.com.au