Executive Assistants play a key role in an organisation’s hierarchy and must influence, communicate and collaborate across the business. The Advanced Management skills of Executive Assistants requires experience, understanding of individual personalities and management styles to influencing power and dynamics making you a more authentic communicator and leader.

So what are some of the important tools and mindsets that make up a great EA you ask…

• Understanding and leveraging personalities.

• Identifying and working with sources of power

• Navigating complex political situations and dynamics

• Communicating with confidence and authenticity

• Understanding and creating life balance

• Managing stress

• Designing and implementing personal action plans

• Remaining calm and composed under pressure

Keeping calm is one of the key traits an EA can have in order to work towards a difficult solution. Recently, Sage Ventures, worked with a client whose Chairman was on the other side of the world and was basically running on the fly to meetings that were scheduled last minute. With literally 1 hour to spare, we had to get him from Germany to Sweden for a meeting which was scheduled in just 3 hours. Whilst understandably he was in a flap and literally packing his bag whilst requesting urgent support, we kept our cool and assured him he would make the meeting. It didn’t matter it was 10pm in our time zone. Flexibility to adapt is one of our core strengths.

Having a strong and close relationship with our boutique travel consultant was an absolute saviour. I knew together we would get him on that plane. With our consultant quickly able to identify the best flight and connected solution, we pulled it off. By the time he arrived at the check-in desk, we had him ticketed and on the flight. A high five to us!

With him settled on his flight, we now discreetly worked in the background organising accommodation, logistics and confirmation of a meeting venue with the executive in Sweden. When our Chairman arrived in Sweden, as soon as he got off the plane, we had him smoothly on his way in what was a successful meeting.

At Sage, we strongly believe there is always a solution to a problem or situation. We adapt to the nuances of the day to day of corporate. Building strong and trusted networks and collaborations with all aspects of corporate is so important to us.

Sage Ventures is a unique boutique corporate executive support service. We are here to support you, just as long as you need us. We provide a highly professional c-suite level of support service that is accessed only as needed without the need to incur unnecessary or underutilised costs.

Peace of mind that you’re on top and can stay on top of the game. We’ll go well beyond to ensure your business is supported.